Find someone to build with you.

We’ve referenced our people, the members of our home team in previous posts. These are our middle-of-the-night, no-matter-what people. These are the people we call when we “fail and we bleed fallen and we’re in the mess just wild to somehow make it.” These are the people we cling to when life is broken or beautiful, in seasons of sadness or sweetness…

My people showed up last night for dinner.

They gathered around our table to celebrate community and connection and the dreams and stories and memories we all share. The conversation was honest and funny and vulnerable and, after the candles had burned to the nub, I thought:

Find someone to build with you.

In relationship.
In community.
In play.
In work.
In life.

Find someone to build with you.

My people are part of my personal and professional narrative. Neither narrative has been without its twists and turns and straight up roadblocks, but if you find someone – or a group of someones – to build with you? Spend a lot of time with those someones. Let them challenge you and inspire you. Let them encourage you to think deeply about life and purpose and making things better. Let them change your life.

And let them change your business too.

Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than our own. Be open to collaboration. Embrace other perspectives. Adopt alternative approaches.

No one – especially me – is here because they did it on their own.