Website Design and Development, Communication, Design and Marketing Studio
in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Bultema Group is a full service marketing and design studio located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with experience in communications, public relations, website design and development, reputation management, corporate communications, media relations, brand development, and more. Our team partners with businesses and non-profits to implement strategic marketing, public relations, communications, and creative campaigns. 

branding + design

Build a brand identity that vividly and accurately tells your story. Identify a color scheme, pinpoint a typeface, and develop a logo to construct both digital and print collateral. 

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Give voice to your business or organization. Create a compelling communications plan using powerful tactics and messages to advance your impact on the world. 

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web design + development

Create a strong online presence to engage customers or donors. Customize your web presence to meet your exact needs and broadcast your brand to the world. 

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marketing + strategy

Develop a strategic marketing plan to move markets, change minds, and touch hearts. Utilize marketing tools and strategies to get the job done. 

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Our team has had the opportunity to partner with some pretty amazing people and organizations. A sampling of some of our most recent projects are highlighted below. 

Our team is compassionate, curious, and committed to giving all of ourselves to make things better for our clients, our communities, and our world.

Gwen Vryhof Bultema

founder & president

Nate DeHaan

creative lead

Max Myers

web developer

Karen Pimpo

project manager

Hajin Yoo

content specialist

Ben Krill

digital strategist

Madison Holmes

content creator


To people who make things better, cheers. 

Horizon Bank’s order for 30 dozen cookies had to be delivered within hours, and the kitchen team was a bit behind schedule at Grand Rapids’ Stir It Up bakery. One employee’s shift was about to end. But instead of clocking out, she grabbed her phone, postponed her ride home from work, and stayed three extra...
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We're excited to create something together.

We want to make things better.

Make Things Better® is a grassroots movement founded by Bultema Group that exists to start a different story, a stronger alternative narrative. One that celebrates antidotes to the in-some-ways-near-crisis age we live in. And one that spreads the idea of a happier, safer, more hopeful, and more giving world. Bultema Group is a business, but also an opportunity: to take care of each other, to serve each other, to change minds and to move markets, to live within a broader vision for business and for life, and to make things better.