I loved every moment of my wedding day.

Even the moments that went a little sideways:

I loved that the vows slipped from our minds at the exact moment we were meant to say them.
I loved that a bizarre, dense fog settled over the lake just before the reception began.
I loved that the beach grass was set ablaze by a stray firework.
I loved that a half dozen men in suit and tie ran through the dune grass to extinguish it.
I loved every moment of my wedding day, but mostly I loved spending it in the place I love best with the people I love most.

During our wedding ceremony, my childhood pastor asked my husband and I to turn and face our guests. He asked us to look at each of the people gathered to celebrate with us.

At our parents.
At our grandparents.
At our siblings.
At our nephews and nieces.
At our aunts and uncles and great aunts and great uncles.
At our friends.
At our cousins and colleagues and co-workers.

He reminded us how each of these people had invested in us.

And I lost it.

Because I could not be anything but grateful for the support and love and faithful guidance these people had shown me over my 25 years.

The same thing happened at our Open House last Friday.

I looked at the people gathered to celebrate with us, and I lost it.

Because I could not be anything but grateful for each of those gathered at 13 South Division Avenue.

I know we are all bits and pieces of each other, and that we grow and change and become who we are meant to be only with the support and love and faithful guidance of those who have gone before.

Bultema Group exists because of a lot people.

Because of a lot of people gathered on a Friday evening in downtown Grand Rapids.

And I am so grateful.

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Bultema Group partners with small businesses and non-profits throughout the nation to design and implement attractive and engaging marketing strategies. Our team respects simplicity and integrity and desires to live within a broader vision for business and life. One guiding principle informs our decision making and our strategies: make things better.

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