Inner City Christian Federation

Inner City Christian Federation is a nonprofit with a huge vision – to provide affordable, sustainable housing for families in Grand Rapids. Now that’s a vision we can get behind. Whether it’s sharing their passions with supporters, announcing the release of a new property development, or highlighting the testimony of one of their residents, we are privileged to help ICCF get the word out.

branding + design

ICCF is all about longevity and community, which leads to their strong yet inviting image. We had fun designing pieces that speak to a wide range of audiences and communicate the stories of homecoming that give ICCF its character.


Neighbors gathering for community events make for great images – and we should know, because we got to capture those moments on camera for ICCF a lot. They’re in the business of creating homes, not just houses, and these smiling faces are a testament to their success.

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