Ottawa Beach Inn

Ottawa Beach Inn was founded in 1972 as a family-owned, family-operated business – and they haven’t strayed from that core. Building a restaurant that’s truly family-friendly, while still providing quality service and delicious food is what they’re all about. We loved working with these friendly, talented people – and not just because we got to sample their menu along the way.  

web design + development

We were tasked with creating a website that doesn’t just showcase great food, but communicates their welcoming atmosphere and the sunny thoughts of a day at the beach. OBI is nothing if not welcoming, and their site had to match that open attitude.

Ottawa Beach Inn mobile site preview
branding + design

Ottawa Beach Inn – the brand is in the name! Our team partnered with OBI to ensure that the warmth of the shoreline and the intimacy of a homemade supper were evident in every piece of design.


If there’s one thing we like to photograph, it’s good food and good people. OBI has both. If you’re looking for a dish to sample, we highly recommend the classic OBI Burger – it tastes as good as it looks!

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