team building

Find someone to build with you.

We’ve referenced our people, the members of our home team in previous posts. These are our middle-of-the-night, no-matter-what people. These are the people we call when we “fail and we bleed fallen and we’re in the mess just wild to somehow make it.” These are the people we cling to when life is broken or...
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Straight outta the library.

I recently asked a few good friends and mentors to share a must-read book. These folks are my people, members of my home team. They are resourceful, intelligent, and well-informed. They think deeply about life and purpose and making things better. I do well to follow their advice in all areas of life, both personally...
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Make Things Better®

Know someone who’s doing good work to make things better? Think they should be highlighted here? And given a free tee from our shop? Email us!

Make Things Better® is a grassroots movement that exists to start a different story, a stronger alternative narrative. One that celebrates antidotes to the in-some-ways-near-crisis age we live in. And one that spreads the idea of a happier, safer, more hopeful, and more giving world.

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